World Languages at the Margins

30th Annual CAWL Conference April 2-4th, 2020

Azusa, California

Dear colleagues:

The news about the spread of COVID-19 corona virus has understandably occupied significant attention and interest here in the USA and abroad as medical professionals, governmental institutions, businesses and individuals have described their responses to an outbreak of disease. Fear has become pervasive, and several of you have contacted the CAWL exec board with questions about whether or not the conference will proceed.

We have been working with our partners at Azusa Pacific to monitor the local situation in Los Ángeles and on the campus that has offered to host our meeting. Their most up-to-date information and response measures can be found on their website (, and while no cases have been reported on their campus, they have asked us to cancel the conference.

The CAWL exec board understands that this will require many to rearrange plans and arrange for cancellations and refunds for airfare and the conference hotel. We will also refund a substantial portion of of the conference registration, holding back enough to cover the costs of your membership fee for the next year and costs related to the conference that have already been encumbered. More information about the process for refunding the fee will be quickly forthcoming (but we wanted to get this news out ASAP)

Additionally, the CAWL exec board will be working on a plan for next year’s conference that may include reprogramming presentations accepted for this year’s conference. As we explore possibilities for the public dissemination of the professional work that you anticipated presenting in Azusa we will in touch with you all.

I close this message with a prayer for understanding and fortitude for the professionals who are working for healing in those places most affected by the disease, and peace and understanding for everyone who feels fear an anxiety related to the outbreak. In God’s mercy we find our strength and our hope.